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Child Line 1098- 24 hours toll free number for Child car & Protection

Thiruvarur district is known for temple and paddy fields. Fifty percentage of population are land less coolies. There is no industry in this district which is major cause for people migrating to other districts or other states. Children are also migrating with their parents, which deny their right of education. More dropouts from schools, poor quality of education system, lack of infrastructure, child right violation is common due to lack of awareness, etc.

To provide emergency assistance, Care & protection, monitor child rights in the district, NAMCO has been intervening as Collaborative Organisation with Childline 1098 supported by Government of India through Childline India Foundation. Yearly above 250 cases have been registered and rehabilitated here including bonded labour and Child Marriage cases.

Students’ Development Centres (SDC)

Tiruvarur district is educationally backward areas, where it has poor results in higher secondary and SSLC board examinations in the past several years. Children are from mostly agricultural back grounds, poor and marginal communities. Their living conditions are appalling, unhygienic; most of the parents are illiterate or neo literate. Seasonal agricultural livelihood opportunities threats the children to became child labour.  There is risk of dropouts from schools due to various reasons like the school is far away from their house, child abuse, lack of motivations, etc.

SDC provides to a very poor rural child to have access to free tuition at the Evening Student Development Center for a year. These centers are established basically to enhance the school experience of the village children by providing them assistance in completing their homework, clarifying their doubts in their subjects, paying more attention to weaker subjects of the children and to provide the children with some nutritional supplement like biscuits to increase energy level. It concentrates on sports activities, Life skill education, nature club creation, Yoga, news par reading habits, personal hygiene, moral values, respect to parents etc. we have16 Evening Study centers in Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam coastal villages covering 650 children up to tenth std  with the support of AIMS INDIA FOUNDATION, USA.

Student Learning Centers at Cuddalore District

The word Super Flood 2015 makes anxiety among Cuddalore district people and the super flood did damages in the life of Cuddalore district, not only to their livelihoods and also in their mind. People found difficult to rebuild their life. Poor children are most victims and vulnerable in the super flood. Children lost their confidence, education materials, leads to risk of dropouts from schools, risk of unsafe migration, unpleasant study environment, unhygienic habits, malnutrition, etc.

AIMS INDIA FOUNDATION, USA has distributed basic relief materials like food, cloth, rice, vegetables, groceries etc., in villages of Cuddalore district immediately.  And soon after flood, with support of NAMCO, it has organized various medical camps and prevents the people from waterborne diseases. NAMCO did it with the coordinator ARUPADAIVEEDU RESEARCH AND MEDICAL COLLEGE, PONDICHERY. And, NAMCO supplied educational materials for the school children including school bags to 20 villages of Kumaratchi, Parangipettai and Keerapalayam blocks of the district.

NAMCO did a survey of the villages, and visited local schools to do need assessment. We also found that most children dropped out of formal schooling at class 6 to 10 levels, often after failing exams. These teenagers consequently had very low self esteem, lacked basic academic skills, were frustrated and mostly migrated to nearby towns to work in the industry and shops. In this situation, NAMCO decided to establish the Students Learning Centres in 20 flood affected remotest village schools of that area, to improve academic skills of school going children by providing individual attention through a centre with supplementary food.

So, NAMCO approached AIMS INDIA FOUNDATION, USA and it has got opportunity to implement this Student Learning Center in twenty villages of Cuddalore district covering 600 children.

Integrated Home for Senior Citizens and destitute children and a separate Old age Home

NAMCO has two homes, one is at Nagapattinam for destitute children and elders and another one is at Keezhaiyur, near Velankanni, The famous church and ECR road exclusively for old age people. The homes provide free accommodation, free food and free cloths and beds. The homes are having good library, Television, recreation facilities.

The homes accommodate 50 old age people and 25 destitute children. Based on health nature of old age people, foods are prepared with hygienic manners. Many individuals are supporting to old age homes like sponsoring one meal, snacks, etc. the homes are having package of sponsoring system. Lions club of Velankanni has sponsored ‘Refrigerator’ to one home and Er.V.Vivek B.E., and his friends provided a LED TV and a refrigerator to another home. Local Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Donors and public supported well.

News and Events

Annual Report 2018 - 2019

• Internet Education to Women of Thiruvarur district with Google, TATA Trust and Voice Foundation

• JLGs formation is going in Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts

• MEDP Training to Women SHG members with the support of NABARD support at Vedaranyam nad Thalainayar blocks of Nagapattinam district

• Infrastructural support to Schools in Tamilnad with the support of AIMS INDIA FOUNDATION, USA

• Childline Komal film shows at schools of Thiruavrur district

• Micro Credit to poor women entrepreneurs

• Signature campaign and Rally with school children for making every one as Children friendly as CHILDLINE-1098 SE DOSTI week

• Small supporters required for its activities