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Women Development and women empowerment projects are being implemented with support of various partners like NABARD, 1% Fund, CARE INDIA etc in Nagapattinam district reaching out to 20,000 households with a population of 60,000. More than eighty per cent of the populations live below the poverty line deprived of their rights and entitlements due to lack of awareness and organized effort. Degradation of resources, limitations in rights over resources, lack of knowledge and skills of people for proper utilization and management of resources have further added to poverty and marginalization of the communities.

We have been facilitating to promote Community Based Organizations (CBO) like women SHGs, Joint Liability Groups (JLGs), SHG federations and building their capacities to work for socio-economic, political change and empowering them for control, management and utilization of local resources, ensuring equal women participation. People’s participation in CBOs is vital to strengthen the local self governance process, and positive leadership is essential if they are to have the capacity to identify and help the real Poor.

Key Achievements and impacts

NAMCO has 1040 women SHGs in Nagapattinam district in which 830 SHGs were linked with financial institutions for their economic development under the Govt. of India Pilot program called “Promotion of Women Self Help Groups in backward districts of India” and other programmes. The groups being exclusively women groups, the programme has provided a much needed push to women empowerment. The programme was started at 2012 with the support of NABARD and Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

With the help of Self Help Groups (SHGs) women have been earn money and can become economically and financially strong. They use this money for fulfilling their needs and spend a happy life with their family. They are proud that they have right in their family to take decision making by becoming self independent. By networking to build better business, women get economic empowerment.

When women have both economic and political power, they become full members of society. With the help of SHGs, women get a secure place in society if they are socially empowered. By educating in the SHGs, they get knowledge about their rights. They are treated equal to man because they are socially strong.

With support of NABARD, NAMCO has trained women under ‘Micro Enterprise Development Programme for matured WSHGs. We can share the success stories from our various target areas. Specifically, in Kuthalam block, Puthuvasantham and Panimalar WSHGs are doing Inland fish farming with financial support of CANARA bank, Manganallur successfully. In Vedaranyam block, Jasmine cultivation, Country bricks making, Goat rearing, Milch animal, tailoring and vegetable cultivations are the main businesses promoted by this MEDP training with NABARD. In all trades, women are doing business and some got job opportunities in the district.

  • JLGs are essentially credit groups of small/marginal/tenant farmers/asset less poor who do not have proper title of their farmland. These informal groups of 4-10 members are engaged in similar economic activities and are willing to jointly undertake to repay the loans taken by them from the Banks. NAMCO has organized 100 JLGs in Nagapattinam District in which 50 JLGs were credit linked with banks.
  • With 1% fund, Rome, we have been running a” Goat Project for the differently abled Women”. It is a revolving one. 40 differently abled women have been given goat at free of cost to promote their economic condition.
  • Nagapattinam district is agricultural based district and also prone to multiple disasters. Failure of monsoon lead to drought during 2016- 2017 is challenge for their livelihoods. They are in need to find alternative or additional livelihood activities. Nagapattinam has many sources like human resources, local resources like coconut leaves, producing Jasmine, etc. NAMCO has been giving various training like tailoring, goatary, dairy, Coir making, value added products, etc through Micro Enterprises Development Programme (MEDP). Many trained people are in need of money to start their entrepreneurship. Support of Opportunity Microfinance India ltd., Bangalore, It has distributed loans to trained people to start business. NAMCO has 100% repayment on microcredit system.
  • In Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur source districts are prone to migration and modernized trafficking of women and young girls. Women, particularly women belonging to landless or marginal land holding most backward and dalit communities are the victims to internal migration and unsafe migration.

These girls are recruited under the scheme and placed in camps. Forced labour in the form of compulsory over time, compulsory late night shifts, excessive working hours and inadequate pay for overtime are the key problems identified in the scheme labour and hostel schemes. Women workers in the hostel scheme are frequently woken up at midnight or in the early morning to attend urgent shifts. They face fatigue due to lack of sleep. All of them realized that their pay was low only after they started working under the scheme. Their mobility is restricted and not allowed to meet their parents even if they want to meet them in emergency (parents need special permission).

With support of Tdh-NL, NAMCO has launched a project called ‘worst form of Child Labour’ programme titled “Protection of children from Child labour by ensuring their rights with Participation of Multi stakeholders. WFCL project is consortium of SAVE contains four NGOs (SAVE, SIVA, NAMCO and ARPNA) and coined under four concepts called prevention, provision, prosecution and promotion

Key achievements and Impacts

  • NAMCO has identified 3058 vulnerable children to worst form child labour system in forty villages in four blocks of Thiruvarur district.
  • Inclusion of vulnerable children, organized 40 village level children parliament in 40 villages of the four blocks and given life skill education. Block level and district level children parliament federations were established and motivated to work themselves.
  • Awareness generation programme was organized in schools of the interventional areas and it covered 1950 school children
  • Child rights trainings were organized for stake holders ie., for 646 Anganwadi teachers and Village Health Nurses, etc.
  • 40 PRI members gained capacity on monitoring child right violation through NAMCO trainings in the interventional areas.
  • Our consortium released two books, ‘Kalavadapatta kulanthaiparuvam’ in Tamil which is collection of case studies of child labours and another one is “Sumangali” in English written by the famous writer Mr. Subrabharathi manian.
  • NAMCO and Bharathidasan University, Trichirapalli jointly did a research study on child labour system in Tiruvarur district.
  • The project minimized the child labours in the interventional areas.
  • NAMCO has rescued 121 child labours in dangerous situation in the cotton mills and textiles and rehabilitated them. The victims were capacitated with various skill trainings.
  • 7817 people were given awareness on unsafe migration and child labour issues with child rights

News and Events

Annual Report 2018 - 2019

• Internet Education to Women of Thiruvarur district with Google, TATA Trust and Voice Foundation

• JLGs formation is going in Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts

• MEDP Training to Women SHG members with the support of NABARD support at Vedaranyam nad Thalainayar blocks of Nagapattinam district

• Infrastructural support to Schools in Tamilnad with the support of AIMS INDIA FOUNDATION, USA

• Childline Komal film shows at schools of Thiruavrur district

• Micro Credit to poor women entrepreneurs

• Signature campaign and Rally with school children for making every one as Children friendly as CHILDLINE-1098 SE DOSTI week

• Small supporters required for its activities