About Us

whoIn 1991, Mr.C. Jeevanandham and the group of women activists had organized situation analysis on women in agricultural sectors in Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur districts for an assignment and resulted that more women in the districts are in poverty, exploitation, abuse, discrimination, vulnerable to multiple disaster, communicable diseases etc. The unhealthy situation of women and children in the area thrust them to intervene with women and children issues in the year 1992 to endeavor of establishing women and child rights centers and registered beneath Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 27/1975 in 1992.

VISION:  To make a dignity living for rural poor and protecting their basic rights..

MISSION: To create enabling environment for protecting child rights and ensuring sustainable livelihood for marginalized community.


Registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975.

Registration No. 15/92. Date: 03.02.1992 at District registrar office, Nagappattinam.

  • Registered under FCRA. Registration Number 076030255/2000. Date: 04.02.2000 with Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Registered in Indian Income Tax department under section 80G & 12AA,
  • PAN Number:AAATN5604K

Name of the NGO:                   National Mother and Child welfare Organisation

Acronym:                                 NAMCO

Registration Office Address:     31, KTR Estate,   Thiruvarur. 610001. Tamil Nadu, India.

Ph: 04366- 251297

Email:                                      namcoindiatn@gmail.com

Fax                                            0091 4366 226182

Web:                                         www.namcoindia.org.in

Nagapattinam District office:  1.No.40, Sattaiyappar mela veethi, Nagapattinam.2.Post Office upstairs, Bazar, Thagattur, Vedaraniyam–Tk.614714, Nagapattinam- dist.

Chief Functionary:                 Mr.C.JEEVANANDHAM – Secretary. Cell: +91 98424 49409.

OPERATIONAL AREA:   NAMCO works in all districts of Tamilnadu (major concentration in Nagappattinam, Thiruvarur and Cuddalore Districts)


Children, Adolescent girls, Widows & women in distress, other disadvantaged and socially excluded people including differently able persons, Aged, Destitute Children, Agricultural laborurs, Marginal farmers and fisher folk, dhalits by Prioritizing Women & Children.


NAMCO has a four wheeler and four two wheelers and a well furnished administrative office with training hall at Thiruvarur and its branch office. Two branch offices in Nagapattainm district and one is at Thiruvarur district.


Management Staff Field staff Other Category
Total staff Part Time/ Full time Male/ Female
P T F T Total M F
5 29 40 74 19 55 74 22 52


  • Chidline-1098 – Project with Department of Women and child development, Govt. of India through ChildLine India Foundation.
  • Addressing for Worst Form of Child Labour with TdH-Netherlands
  • Students Development/ Child rights Centres in two districts with AIMS INDIA Foundation, USA.
  • Infrastructure support like construction of Building, Toilets construction and safe drinking water supply, furniture, & Educational materials & part time staff support to Schools in all over Tamilnadu with AIMS INDIA Foundation, USA.
  • Water and Sanitation promotion activities in schools with NABFINS ( subsidiary of NABARD, Govt. of India)under CSR project
  • Flood relief activities for students and public in Cuddalore district with AIMS INDIA Foundation, USA
    • Promotion and Support of Women SHGs in backward districts of India-

(A Govt. of IndiaPilot project in Nagapattinam district, NAMCO has been approved as ANCHOR NGO. supported by NABARD & Lead bank)

  • Joint Liability Groups/ Joint farming Groups in two districts with NABARD
  • Organising the Farmers clubs in two districts with NABARD
  • Banking on Change programme (Financial inclusion) in Nagapattinam district with CARE INDIA
  • Workers rights awareness programme in Thiruvarur district with Ethical Trading Initiative, Uk
  • IGP program to the physically challenged young women with 1% foundation, Rome.
  • Campaign against Child trafficking with Tiruppur Peoples’ Forum
  • MEDP Skill trainings to young women with support of
  • Livelihood Skill Trainings to young women at Vedaraniyam block supported by Sethuu Samudram Corporation in Nagapattinam district with of India
  • Micro Entrepreneurs Development programme with Opportunity Micro finance India ltd.,& HDFC Bank
    • Integrated Home for Senior Citizens and Destitute Children, in Nagapattinam district with of TamilnaduPilot project
    • Home for the Aged in Nagapattinam district with of India.
  • Housing Financial service to the needy people in two districts with SPHF ltd.,


  • Construction of 101 Low Cost individual Toilets with DRDA
  • Maternal Child Health & First Aid Training to adolescent girls with Govt. Of TN
  • Reproductive Child Health Programme with MOH&FW, GOI
  • Post Disaster rehabilitation programme with TNVHA/EXNORA international/FVTRS, Bangaluru.
  • Patients’ Counseling Centre with Of Tamilnadu
  • Training on controlling Child trafficking to WDC with Of TN/TNVHA
  • Educational Support programme with Bhoomika Trust
  • Skill trainings with CAPART, DRDA, NYK, TNCDW Ltd.,( Mahalir Thittam), NABARD,


  • AIMS INDIA Foundation, USA
  • Ethical trading Initiative, Uk
  • TdH-Netherlands
  • 1% for Development fund.
  • WICCC, Canada
  • FVTRS, Bangalore
  • Exnora International
  • Bhoomika Trust, Chennai
  • Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India
  • Dept of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India & Childline India Foundation
  • NABARD , Govt. of India
  • Sethu samudram corporation ltd., Government of India
  • Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.
  • Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Govt. of India through GIRD TRUST, Gandhigram
  • CAPART, HYDRABAD, Govt. of India
  • Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Tamilnadu
  • Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board, Chennai, Government of Tamilnadu.
  • Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd, Chennai. Govt. of TN.
  • Swarnapragati Housing Finance Private ltd.,
  • Opportunity Micro Finance India ltd., Bangalore
  • APARIJITHA FOUNDATION, TNVHA, Chennai and other line Departments

Strength of NAMCO

  • Strong community presence
  • Ability to handle multiple programmes
  • Dedicated staff team
  • Strong rapport with multi stakeholders
  • Strong SHG binding with 1040 WSHGs
  • Keen to learn more

Who we are:

  • A non profit voluntary service organization working since 1992.
  • Registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975. Regd. No. 15/92. Date: 03.02.1992 at District registrar office, Nagappattinam.(Name changed on 19.02.1996)
  • Registered under FCRA. Registration Number 076030255/2000.Date: 04.02.2000 with Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Registered in Indian Income Tax department under section 80G and 12AA.

Where we are


To Whom:

Prioritized on Women and Children in the following target community

  1. Widows &women in distress,
  2. Girl children
  3. Differently able persons and other disadvantaged groups
  4. Socially excluded people and severely illness,
  5. Agricultural labors
  6. Marginal farmers
  7. Fisher folk

News and Events

Annual Report 2018 - 2019

• Internet Education to Women of Thiruvarur district with Google, TATA Trust and Voice Foundation

• JLGs formation is going in Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts

• MEDP Training to Women SHG members with the support of NABARD support at Vedaranyam nad Thalainayar blocks of Nagapattinam district

• Infrastructural support to Schools in Tamilnad with the support of AIMS INDIA FOUNDATION, USA

• Childline Komal film shows at schools of Thiruavrur district

• Micro Credit to poor women entrepreneurs

• Signature campaign and Rally with school children for making every one as Children friendly as CHILDLINE-1098 SE DOSTI week

• Small supporters required for its activities